Be a Big Brother NOW

Big Brothers Big Sisters needs YOU to volunteer.  We are particularly working right now on finding 30 male Big Brothers in the next 30 days to mentor kids in Waltham.  You do not need to live IN Waltham to do this of course.  We are responding to an appeal from the Mayor of Waltham to help out his town’s kids.

Here is a link introducing just one of the kids we are trying to place.  Our shopping list of kids is extensive and we will match Bigs appropriately.

If you are interested in meeting Eduardo, or some other boy from Waltham or even if you are interested in meeting a boy from a town nearer to you, please just let me know directly:   

Or just tell that to our office by responding through the BBBS link above.

Your reward is that you will no longer have to pay to receive these blogs. … I have just been told that my blogs are free.  Such a deal!  How about a nice bottle of wine?


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