Call for Help: What do I teach Russians about US Law?

The main purpose of my trip, noted in my first post, is to collect suggestions for teaching United States business law in Russia.  My hope is that teaching the “best” US business law has to offer will resonate logically in a country which is attempting to establish its business foundations.

I suspect that many ideas will seem alien, illogical or at least out of place.  But I want to identify the best subjects to teach, and then find a way to “get it across.”

I solicit from all readers your suggestions as to subjects best taught, or best avoided.  Anyone with specific experience in teaching business law overseas, or in a former socialist country, could be most helpful.

As a lawyer I am interested in bridging the gap between our legal system (which is historically common law and case law based), and the Russian-European tradition which (as I understand it) is primarily code-based.

On the other hand, it has been suggested to me that the way the American regulatory system is progressing, we are really becoming a code-based country in our business legal system, so maybe the difference is not all that important.

I solicit your thoughts for topics:

  • Corporate/entity organization
  • How we tax
  • How we finance business
  • HR issues
  • Uniform Commercial Code and Security interest and mortgages
  • Protecting IP
  • Dispute resolution and alternate dispute resolution
  • Business ethics
  • Management and governance of business enterprises
  • Appropriate degree of government involvement in regulation
  • Anything else?

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