Cannabis Honey Bees

Just had to share the latest on the cannabis revolution.  As you no doubt know, cannabis as a business has taken off, particularly in places like Boston; seminars, articles, legal issues, the works.  Now, someone in our firm’s cannabis practice group has called my attention to an issued US patent which claims a method of producing honey from bees who are fed cannabis oil.  The resultant honey is wholly natural, and is not infused as to comes out with the desired composition.

While I cannot tell if this product could be labeled as “organic” it is surely an interesting product and perhaps a bell-weather; I wonder for example if it works on cows or chickens; chicken eggs?  The possibilities could be endless.

Btw, our cannabis practice group works across the country and is very busy in formation, finance, banking issues, mergers, regulatory matters and the like.  We are doing deals working from Boston,  New York, our four offices in California, and elsewhere.  Who would have imagined…. (I always avoid plugs for my law firm but I think this development is absolutely fascinating so I am breaking my own rule.)

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